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One of the videos how i passed GTA2 kill frenzy #3 in Residential District.
Get maximum weapons and ammo. You will need every bit of it. You don't want to run out of ammo with that KF. Then get to the policestation at the Scientist and move all cars from there to the Rednecks near the KF icon. Then go to the lower left part of the city just where the train station is and find another policestation with 2 copcars. Move them also to the Rednecks to the other cars. Now you should have 6 cars, now start killing cops slowly also give some of them to Rednecks to kill. So you won't get 5 stars too quickly. And just collect the cars to the place where the others are. Don't go too far or cars will disappear, hang around until roadblocks are set-up and get all cars from there also. Then wait for some more cops and collect every bit you can. You must have alot of luck with this KF to complete this. But maybe video has some tips how to make it easier. If you still don't believe me then i can make another video, passing the same killfrenzy. Enjoy.
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Gimme Your Wallet!!
I love when this guy get's to me asks for wallet or money. I always have so much fun with that guy. So here is 3 : "Gimme your wallet"s in "one row". It says more, but it's because i recorded video in a 640x480 window not fullscreen. In fullscreen everything is much smoother.
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, Part 13. Newest renderer and new picking code
Nothing special but just wanted to show the new rewritten renderer. I had to rewrite it from almost 0 to make the picking work faster and better. I didn't show picking in this video but rather a flat faces, camera movement and some small bugs. I have discovered that slopes 49-52 are not rendered correctly. It's easy to fix but i will do this later. Camera movement by keyboard (arrow keys) is much better now. You can rotate the camera how you want (i.e direction), the left arrow key will always move the cam to the left and right key always moves camera to the right and so on. It was very easy to do. Dunno why it took 6 years to figure out, lol. Basically that's it for now. If i forgot something, i will tell you. Seeya in next vid. Please post your comments, if anybody has them anyway. Suggestions, ideas, thoughts about this etc.
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