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One of the videos how i passed GTA2 kill frenzy #3 in Residential District.
Get maximum weapons and ammo. You will need every bit of it. You don't want to run out of ammo with that KF. Then get to the policestation at the Scientist and move all cars from there to the Rednecks near the KF icon. Then go to the lower left part of the city just where the train station is and find another policestation with 2 copcars. Move them also to the Rednecks to the other cars. Now you should have 6 cars, now start killing cops slowly also give some of them to Rednecks to kill. So you won't get 5 stars too quickly. And just collect the cars to the place where the others are. Don't go too far or cars will disappear, hang around until roadblocks are set-up and get all cars from there also. Then wait for some more cops and collect every bit you can. You must have alot of luck with this KF to complete this. But maybe video has some tips how to make it easier. If you still don't believe me then i can make another video, passing the same killfrenzy. Enjoy.
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Gimme Your Wallet!!
I love when this guy get's to me asks for wallet or money. I always have so much fun with that guy. So here is 3 : "Gimme your wallet"s in "one row". It says more, but it's because i recorded video in a 640x480 window not fullscreen. In fullscreen everything is much smoother.
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, Part 13. Newest renderer and new picking code
Nothing special but just wanted to show the new rewritten renderer. I had to rewrite it from almost 0 to make the picking work faster and better. I didn't show picking in this video but rather a flat faces, camera movement and some small bugs. I have discovered that slopes 49-52 are not rendered correctly. It's easy to fix but i will do this later. Camera movement by keyboard (arrow keys) is much better now. You can rotate the camera how you want (i.e direction), the left arrow key will always move the cam to the left and right key always moves camera to the right and so on. It was very easy to do. Dunno why it took 6 years to figure out, lol. Basically that's it for now. If i forgot something, i will tell you. Seeya in next vid. Please post your comments, if anybody has them anyway. Suggestions, ideas, thoughts about this etc.
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Video dedicated to my first car BMW E36 316i, 1994
Just a video of my first BMW ever. My very first car. And i loved it. Unfortunately i don't have it anymore. But because i loved it so much i put a video together a while ago. Now just uploaded. Audio track is: "Overriding Concern" from incompetech.com
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Changed my BMW E36 old lights to new "angel-eyes"
Video about how i changed old lights on my BMW E36 to new angel-eyes lights. From the end of the video you see that they are alot better. Music: A Little Dance (Musicshake) from Youtube AudioSwap!!!
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All My First Three BMW's
All of my three first BMW's i had over years. Just a quick video to show them all. 1]: BMW E36 316i, 75kW, 1994 2]: BMW E36 318i, 83kW, 1992 3]: BMW E36 318i, 85kW, 1991
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, Part 12. Multiselection, automatic road creation, plus many other things
I have implemented multiselection (still has some things to do), improved tile selector, added automatic road creation from selection, fixed many bugs in code and in UI handling. As you see the selectionboxes should be also drawn from specific range only. I mean: map is not visible but selection boxes are, and they are like floating in air. I will try to fix it for next version. Audio from YouTube audioswap: MntCrisis - Fourth Wall Down
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First Time Playing of GTA2 Playstation version
Because of discussion about beta GTA2 on gtaforums i decided to take a look at GTA2 Playstation version. Graphics is pretty poor but a bit better than in GTA1. But it runs well in fullscreen. R* assigned weird sound effects to peds that in PC version are used for absolutely other things. They could choose better effects in PS. And i noticed plenty of bugs, primarily in rendering, sounds and gfx itself. But it's very interesting for me to play it and see "new" things about GTA2. I don't know why i haven't got the PS version earlier.
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New GTA2 Mission Script Editor
Small preview of command tooltips of new GTA2 Mission Script Editor. Also known as MisPad.
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, Part 9. Road editing + compression
First: sorry for crappy video, that's Camstudio. And i didn't bother to resave it in WME, it's so slow. Anyway, this video just shows that it's possible already create roads, fields, pavements, etc and it's possible also save compressed map and execute it in GTA2 without problems. As you see "multiselection" boxes do not work yet, you can only work with one block at a time. I know how to make it work but im just too lazy atm to debug it. But i think i will do it soon, because it's such PITA to edit map with one block at a time lol. Believe me. And of course there are alot of bugs. My habit is to make things work somehow and then debug. It inspires me more if i see something working in my editor, rather the thing that doesn't want to work for me and i can't beat the bugs in it. If i encounter serious problem, i will just leave the project for a while and come back later, after few months or even years. Like i did in this case. And now you see where i am. This video of course doesn't show all new features and bug fixes. As with previous versions: it's developed using OpenGL, SDL in Delphi 7. Any comments? Music: Infinite Justice (Astral Projection) from AudioSwap
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My private GTA2 Side Project
Just one of my side projects. Decided to show it online. Nothing serious yet. Just some peds randomly walking around with very crappy AI. In next version i will improve ped AI and their movement. I will try to make them walk and avoid obstacles just like GTA2 does with it's peds. Instead of walking directly to wall or any obstacle they will turn around earlier.
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GTA2 Map Compressor v1.0.1
This is abit improved version. But still has problems.. But works better than previous version..
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, part 4
This is alpha 006. So far i optimized code, fixed some bugs i have found, have working on texture manager, added rotations like in DMA editor (still few things to do), added face culling. I have worked whole night at the texturing code and i can say that in a few days you should be able to see maps textured like they should. And i mean that. No more just one texture for whole map. Like in all of my videos so far but really textured like they should be. Few days and it will be done. Stay tuned.
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Hey, Kids and Kiddies, remember: Dead Cops are Driving Around Town Today.
Old GTA2 Bug, when cops are entering the car just blow it and will start cruising around. Another funny thing in GTA2.
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GTA2 ScriptPad v2.0 Improved tooltips + autocompletion
Just better version of it. I have improved / fixed tooltips of function params and also enabled autocompletion. Of course all of this should be tweaked, to make them better. ScriptPad also known as MisPad.
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GTA2 ScriptPad v2.0 Small beta preview
Just small preview, how the hell the new GTA2 Mission Script editor looks like. Not very complete of course. Still stuff to do here and there... Also known as MisPad but it's rewritten from scratch in Borland Delphi 7.
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Samsung CRT TV Problem
Samsung CK-5373TR
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, Part 11. LID LIGHTING + Texturecache + Flat faces + Culling + Rotations
Yes, many things are done. In this video i wanted to show specially the "dark" tiles or just LID lighting that i just implemented. OpenGL makes it so easy. Also i have implemented a texturecache that speeds up texture loading and deleting. Only textures that are needed are loaded and when they are not needed anymore, they are deleted from memory. Also i implemented some basic flat faces drawing, specially for 2 sided flat faces. It's still buggy but it's easy to fix. It's just too boring for me to do atm. Also there are few invalid/incompleted slopes. It has been so since i created the first version of the editor. Just have been so lazy to fix them. Will do soon. Because they don't look good. And there are some other small rendering glitches / bugs that are just too boring to fix. Hopefully in next release i will fix them. What i want to do is implement a proper multiselection and editing. It's not working very well atm. That's the thing i really want to make work at this time. Video is recorded using Hypercam, sorry for poor FPS and jerky movement. Editor itself is very smooth and fast but it's just the HC that eats the performance. Music from Audioswap: Smack (Daniel Gautreau)
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, Part 6, v1.0.1 SelectionBox Demo
Decided to work on map block selector functionality. Still needs bugfixes and better texture for selector itself. But i guess it will be same color: light green. I think it's better than blue that DMA editor uses. Also moving of blocks by arrow keys should be implemented, multiselecting with mouse and arrow keys, deleting and filling selection. Thankfully it's not so hard. Next video should show alot more and better stuff. SORRY FOR LAGGY VIDEO. It's Camtasia!! Music credits: Kevin MacLeod - Stringed Disco Used with permission. Visit for free music: http://incompetech.com/
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, part 5
This is alpha 008, do not wait for 007. Very basics of drawing and erasing tiles works. VERY basics. It taked me whole day to do it and so on but im happy with the result so far. Of course this is far from perfect and there is still work to do on this stuff but it looks promising. Song: Bring Me To Life (Evanescence) from AudioSwap Share your comments.
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, Part 7, v1.0.2 SelectionBox 2
WATCH IN HD. Fixed many bugs. Added ability to fill and clear selection. Fixed the look of the selector box. Selection is filled with random tiles at the moment, just for testing purposes! Music: Azul (Musicshake) (YT Audioswap)
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Compressor v1.0.0 with plenty of bugs..
First version and as you see with plenty of bugs. It has some troubles with AIR blocks... If there is a air block in column it messes up top of the column...
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, part 4a
This is still alpha 006 but transparency on textures is now enabled and working! Nice?! Music is: MG - Big Downer
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, Part 8. GTA2 Map Compression v1.0
This is video about very basic implementation of map compression. This tool creates simplest valid compressed maps acceptable by GTA2. As you see, i just choose my TILE nr for "terrain" and i launch the game with my own generated compressed map (DMAP). Also it writes the restart zone that is MUST HAVE for any (even simplest map). Coordinates and stuff can be changed easily. Of course there are no WALLs around the map yet, so if peds or just me go outside of valid range then game will crash. If we stay in valid range everything is OK. So in next version i will try to improve this. Probably the compression will not be 100% ready for the next video, but just at least with some improvements. Because this stuff still needs work on it.
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Video about how i collected maximum of copcars i could...
... for GTA2 Kill Frenzy #3 (in residental district) where you must destroy 20 cop cars in 60 seconds. That's all i could get and destroy. Ofc. not my final try. I will do it until i beat this.
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OpenGL grid, selection, drawing
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, part 2
This is alpha 002. I fixed some bugs, added more slope types, etc. I rewrote most part of renderer. I just must resolve some problems and fix some bugs and then i can start adding textures. Song: Butterscotch Booty Affair (Metro Local) from YouTube AudioSwap.
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, Part 10. Multiselection + New Camera Look
Started working on basic multiselection and made the camera movement like in DMA editor. Needs a bit polishing ofc. But im happy with the result so far. The pink textures you see shouldn't be drawn at all, it's just a "small" bug in my renderer. GTA2 has it's own tricks with flat faces and i hate these tricks. Will fix it later. And multiselection of course has it's own problems, some of them you can see from video. BTW: the movement and stuff is actually much smoother than in video, i just record the movie at low FPS. I will try higher FPS in next videos. Music from AudioSwap: Chemical Warfare (Terry Devine-King)
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Project: GTA2 Map Editor, part 3
This is alpha 004. All slopes are finally added, but 4 of them do not work yet. But rest of the slopes (54) seems to work fine and many many bugs with slopes were fixed. Very basics of texturing works. It's slow and buggy. Gonna rewrite it.
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Ped Shadows
I wanted to quickly get some realism to the game, so i started with small. Added shadows to peds. There are 3 version on the video but for me it seems that 3'rd is best. Ofc a bit more tweaking of it must be done but it seems pretty good. In next video i will improve this system, add shadows to cars and finalize new peds AI.
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Church of Halliste & Tori
Video & pics of church in Halliste & Tori in Estonia. Song: Habalim (Voo Doo Phunk) from YouTube AudioSwap.
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GTA2 Kill Frenzy #12
Passed this KF just for fun. Music: TranceCrafter - Rise Again Remix. Used With Permission. Full credit goes to Trancecrafter http://www.youtube.com/user/trancecrafter
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